Friday, March 28, 2008

A new Building for the OAM

Many things have changed since the opening of the OpenArtMuseum.
Firstable the Museum has got a new Slurl:

So click here and be welcome in my new rooms.
Yes the Museum has a new building, roman style with real roman mosaicfloors. We also got a shop and a Museums Coffeebar. The works in the building are still going on, but I am sure it will be a fine place to have nice stays in Second life in future. A new exhibition is planned. Be curious about the new concept and excellent design work. Below are some photos giving a first impression of the new look.
Be Welcome!

Lara Delgado

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gallery - Museum

What is the difference?
I made the decision for "Museum", because I wanted to distinguish between shops and presentations. Second life is a very commercial world. In anyway contributing you have to pay. You have to pay for land and uploads. For example uploads of textures cost each 10 L$. That is not much money but if you are working a lot, at the end have a look at your bank/paypalaccount: it costs. To attract people to visit shops or other places it is custom to put there "freebies" or even pay money to them for coming. Every builder or shopowner ist intended to earn some lindendollars.
The world of freebies is contrarydictionary to artwork and the thought of "Originals". What are things worth multiplicated per hundred? It is a massmarket.
So I wanted to set something against. A place to repose without "freebies", without the obligation to buy. Simple enjoying.
That's why the OpenArtMuseum is a not a gallery but a museum. It is not commercial. If you are intereseted in pictures or other exhibition objects, it is possible to contact the artist directly.

Open Critics

I found a very critical opinion on this german blog about my experimental Museum.
Read here: Museumsblog
What I didn't think about was, that german Museumcurators are searching the web, for existing Museums in SL. SL becomes Hype in the ArtScene so they have to know... and to write about.

The author is a professional in the scene, who doesn't know Second life except of literature. The OpenArtMuseum is mentioned together with the Gallery of Dresden, which had new opened in Second Life. I never thought to have such famous companionship.
The confounding is the word "Museum" in the name of my Project. I have a Museum in Second Life, being an artist in my first life. So it is my first experience of having a Museum of my own. I love the experimental way of working in Second Life. Everything is possible, but be aware it is never without relationship to first life.
Even when this response isn't as friendly as I hoped, I can say that the promotional concept of tthe Museum is working with success.
About the pictures in the current exhibition: they are mentioned as "remembering paintings of known artists". Be assured these paintings are digital copies of my own original paintings. As artist I work free and experimental and I am surely not a copist. But I am little bit pleased to see what impression my work makes even on screenshots.